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This is What I Do

As an Integrative Health Practitioner, I weave together historical, philosophical, theoretical, & research knowledge to create a foundational framework for my practice. My personal, ethical, & intuitive knowledge are integrated into this framework, creating an expansive, holistic, co-creating space for healing. 

I stand with you, bearing witness & trusting; I do not judge or pity, but rather meet you where you are. 

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There are a few ways to work with me depending on where you're at. I offer packages, memberships & programs.

This is How I Meet You Where You're At




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Regression Therapy



Reiki Healing



$175 & Up


Heal the Past



Reiki Treatment

Energy Healing



Here's the Truth...

Consistency is KEY!! If you want to see REAL change, you have to commit to yourself.


If not now,

If you've found your way here, you're ready to heal.


"I had a session with Nina at the Denver Body Mind Spirit Expo and was amazed. I had a Huna-Ki session which I had never heard of before and was pretty blown away. Nina did an excellent job of explaining it to me beforehand so I had a full understanding of it. The session was enlightening, very relaxing and I felt great. She was able to pick on some things in my chakra that needed some clearing so she then cleared them from me as well. I highly recommend Nina and the Huna-Ki for an amazing experience." 


Recently I found myself struggling and feeling weighted down. I knew there had to be some things within, that were off balance or blocked. So I had a session with the wonderful Nina Schulze over the phone. From the first moment she started working on me, I could feel it. She was able to quickly pick up what was going on, where I had pain, things I was holding onto and so much more. She cleared and balanced my chakras, cleared my pain in my hips and left me feeling at peace, stronger and definitely lighter. It was a beautiful experience and the insight/wisdom she gave me, I took to heart and use every day. She is such a blessing and I'm so thankful for her and the beautiful healing work she does.


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