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The Wholeness Hut 
Nina Schulze, RMT
Huna Kane Practitioner

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About Nina


I am a Certified Master Teacher and Huna Kane practitioner who is also practiced in Meridian Tapping, Meditation, Aromatherapy, Health Coaching, Nutrition, and Traditional Chinese Medicine. I am also a Women's Circle Facilitator, bringing together women in sisterhood and community healing....

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Our vessels are impacted by not just by everything that we do, but everything that we feel as well. Emotions can become stuck within our bodies creating dis-ease...

Check out our upcoming community events that help to aid you on your health & wellness journey. 

In turbulent times, we ask ourselves how we can help to heal the world. But, we must learn how to heal ourselves first before we can make a difference whether it be in our communities, our country, or globally... 

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Contact Us; 720-215-8846
Lakewood, CO

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"Such a great experience! Everything was so clean & sanitized. And the people there were so nice & knowledgeable. I'd recommend for people to go try this out! I'll definitely be scheduling some more sessions.

— Brandon W.