About Nina

I am a Certified Master Teacher and Huna Kane practitioner who is also practiced in Meridian Tapping, Meditation, Aromatherapy, Health Coaching, Nutrition, and Traditional Chinese Medicine. I am also a Women's Circle Facilitator, bringing together women in sisterhood and community healing.

Currently, I am studying to be an Integrative Health practitioner and Certified Yoga Teacher through Red Rocks Community College. My education background also includes psychology (Red Rocks Community College) and Certified Nurse's Aide (Front Range Community College). 

Finding the Divine Feminine within

I have been a Reiki practitioner for one year. My primary occupations have all been focused in health care. For the past 23 years I have divided my time between either working with children, adults with disabilities, or the elderly all in care-giving type settings. 

My entire life I have always been the one that's "there" for other people. My caring and nurturing nature has dubbed me the "guardian angel", as I have been know to float to those in need to offer of me what I can. Later in life I learned that my love language was acts of service, which is why I was drawn to earlier care-giving type positions.

I began my healing journey 13 years ago after a premonition, in which I was shown death. Little did I know that just a few days later I would receive a phone call that would rock my world. This loss was particularly devastating and sent me into a very dark spiral of depression and feeling lost. Thanks to yoga and meditation, I found my way out. I started to discover why I had a deep connectedness to the earth as I am a natural earth worker and conduit of earth energy. Through the past 13 years I have experimented with different holistic modalities and fell in love with not just how I was beginning to feel, but how well they worked.


And so, I decided to follow my dreams of creating a practice where I can help others to heal in a safe and nurturing environment. In my sessions, I bring a calm, motherly energy to my clients. I help them to release old patterns, heal relationship issues, move toward a greater sense of empowerment to help them to heal themselves. My intention is to enable people to heal their body, mind, and spirit to become one. To become whole. 

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family, gardening, time outdoors, learning herbalism, making jewelry, and crocheting.