Nina Schulze's mission is to meet you where you are, seeing you both as beautiful and whole and so worthy of love. I am here to support you on your path and provide you with the tools that you need to be successful. 

Nina is a grounded and nurturing being filled with a beautiful Mother energy that makes working with her feel safe and comfortable. While compassionate, Nina isn't afraid to look you into your eyes and tell you what you need to hear. Empathetic by nature, she is able to hold space for those in need and in vulnerable states so that you feel seen, heard, and worthy of love. Nina's work is not only unique, powerful and effective, but she takes the time to make sure that you are always comfortable and goes at a pace that she knows that you can handle, teaching and offering tools along the way.  


Integrative Health Practitioner

Reiki Master Teacher, Huna Kane Practitioner, Yoga Instructor, & Past Life Regression Therapist

Nina Schulze was born in Denver, Colorado with a deep connection to the earth. Growing up asking questions that "shouldn't" be asked, created quite a divide and quickly became the target of shame, guilt, and ridicule. After many years, she began to suffer from health issues that resulted in looking deep within herself and and facing what she came to learn was mental and emotional abuse. Through years of healing the body, mind and spirit, Nina was able to rid her body of these debilitating health problems. 

Nina Schulze will meet people where they are, honestly. When a person decides that they are ready to begin their healing, Nina Schulze is able to shine a light to help that person reach the destination that they have been striving for- whether its meeting goals, or releasing trauma and its debilitating effects. It is only through truth and autonomous motivation that a person can truly heal. 

Why Should You Work With Me?

Here's what I want you to know about my work and why I'm unlike any other healing facilitator out there. Not every facilitator...

will have real-world, 13+ years of healing experience.

will admit that, if given the tools, you can heal on your own.

sees you as whole, and will provide you with the support, love & guidance that you need to be successful. 

is willing to learn and apply it on a deep level. 

will want you to succeed. 

Touching the Surface
It's Time to Dive Deeper If...

You're committed to the improvement of your health & wellbeing.


You're serious about doing the work that will help you heal.


You're open to trying new things. 


You're ready to learn strategies that are proven to work.


You're committed to your healing journey.

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honestly an amazing business, and it's interesting with everything she does. the reiki she performs is quite interesting as well, to me it feel like an amazing energy entering my body though that might sound a little cringey lol. but also huni ki or however you spell it, is so amazing and feels excellent! 10/10 recommend the wholeness hut 💕 (also her workspace is so cute and I love the new room adjustments!!)

Epic Person

I have worked with Nina a few times now and i have felt a significant shift from physical and mental pain and found some real relief!