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At the Wholeness Hut, we only represent people we know & trust. I'd like to take the opportunity to introduce you to a knowledgeable, on-point, affordable Reader, Kandice Price.

"Hello, my name is Kandice Price. I am a young, inspired woman who enjoys helping people. I am very passionate about card reading, and it has helped me in my own personal life, as well as others. I'm so excited to share my abilities and help guide you in your life!"



"My mission is to help those who can't seem to find the  answers they need. My readings give you clarity about what has happened in your past, what is going on in your present, and what the best course of action is for your future. I have had the ability to connect with spirit guides and spiritual energy  and have been using card readings as a tool to interpret life energy."

How it Works

"The readings that I provide vary from person to person, as we are all in different places of our lives. Sessions run $1 per minute or $5 for a single card reading. I am available for in-person readings (for those located in South Dakota), virtual readings, and phone readings." 

Kandice can be reached either by phone 


or by email at