Aromatherapy Boost

"Aromatherapy is caring, hands-on therapy, which seeks to induce relaxation, to increase energy, to reduce the effects of stress and to restore lost balance to the mind, body, and soul."

- Robert Tisserand

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An aromatherapy boost is a natural way to align the body and mind for a deeply harmonizing, rejuvenating, and relaxing experience. 

There are many benefits such as: stress management, balance and harmony to the body (physically, mentally, and emotionally), structural and electrical alignment, and vitality. 

Treatment is available for the back or for the feet with use of combination of diluted, pure essential oils.


Neck Massage


Sessions for feet are 30 minutes for $45

Sessions for back are 60 minutes for $90

Add on to Huna-Ki: $125 (feet) $170

Add on to Reiki: $110 (feet) $150 (back)


Chakra  Light Therapy

Only at The Wholeness Hut!

Constructed by hand by a Reiki/Master/Teacher/Shamanic Practitioner/Energy healer, our Chakra light therapy sessions include the healing properties of copper, clear quartz, and color therapy. 

Copper is an ancient healing metal and is a glorious conductor of energy that not only helps to balance out the chakras, but has an array of healing benefits such as it can help with blood circulation, reduces stiff joints, aches & pains. Copper can also help to balance emotions and helps with both mental and emotional wellbeing. 

Clear quartz has been found to be a master healer and believed to support the entire energetic system. 

Color therapy is a safe and effective an strongly affects the mind and body. It helps to relieve stress, boost your appetite, helps to alleviate seasonal affective disorder, and boosts your energy. 

There are 7 chakras of the body that are each connected to different areas of the body that can create physical ailments when they are not in balance. The health of our chakra system can determine our overall health of the body, mind, and spirit. Accompanied by the use of the healing properties of copper & color therapy, use of PHYMAT technology, sound healing, and aromatherapy are implemented for optimal healing. 

Lay down under our copper chakra light system and listen to some healing frequencies. The quartz crystal lights are adjusted to your chakra locations & need of alignment. 

Chakra Light Therapy can be a stand alone service at 60 minutes or combined with Reiki or Huna-Ki. 

Our Chakra Light Therapy system is unique to the Wholeness Hut as we can focus our healing on one or more chakras at the same time, through use of an overhead light fixture.

Image by Michael Fenton


All sessions are in-person and run 60 minutes for $90

Receive your first session 10% off with coupon code: WELCOME21

Choose to combine services:

CLT w/ Huna-Ki (30 minutes per session) $95

CLT w/ Reiki (30 minutes per session) $77.50

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Reiki Treatment


Reiki is a Japanese technique used for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. This ancient hands-on healing art was re-discovered by Dr. Mikao Usui. Reiki is a clothes-on energy healing method that involves gentle hand placement on or just above the body to provide healing energy to areas of the body and to bring balance.

A Reiki practitioner is a person who has received attunements through a Reiki Master. This helps the practitioner to access and serve as a channel of life force energy. Clients may experience warmth or tingling feelings when the practitioner is "laying the hands". This process includes hands remaining in position for several minutes at a time in anywhere from 10-20 positions. 

Reiki has a long history of use as it has aided in helping to heal virtually every known illness and injury. Reiki also works in harmony with all other kinds o treatment including medical and psychological care. In fact, Reiki is offered as part of regular patient care in over 800 hospitals in the United States. Reiki works to strengthen the harmonic flow of energy within the body, having a positive effect on all forms of illness and negative conditions.

Use of Phymat Technology- stimulating ion channels by producing negative ions that deliver energy to the cells of the body.  The topmost layer of the Phymat is constructed of superconducting channels of pure amethyst, which allow the far infrared rays and negative ions to penetrate the body deeply.


Sessions are 60 minutes in length. 

In-Person- $85

Distant- $65

Receive your first session 10% off with coupon code Welcome21

- Packages available!

Reiki is available both in-person & distantly. 

Distant healing can be quite powerful and tools such as Intuitive Medical Meditation are implemented to help give a clearer vision to what is happening inside the body. 

Working from front to back, head to toe Reiki is administered to help release stress and promote relaxation. 

Reiki Healing