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Healing the Past

8 Week Program

Designed to help heal the past that’s holding you back from living your best life. You must schedule a consultation with me before booking. 
Only 10 clients will be accepted in this program at a time. A waitlist is available. 

DM me for details.

What Is It & Who Is It For?

The Healing the Past Program is an 8 week program designed to deep dive into healing you at your core. Identifying the root cause of pain (the TRUE emotion or feeling beneath your triggers), discovering when this karmic cycle was set into action, discovering the lifetime that the karmic cycle originated from, and spending time to specifically heal that trauma. 

This program is for anyone who is struggling with unwanted repeating patterns & behaviors, people with unresolved emotions & trauma, and those who are committed to heal. 


Instead of wasting time trying to heal the unknown, ("I feel scared to be alone, but I don't know why...") and alleviating the 'maybes', this program follows a simple process that helps to identify the Who's, What's, When, Where, and Why you are feeling the way you are. 

Through this process, experience improvement in your health, relationships, and your career as you release these negative feelings and heal your trauma. 


We begin this program with a 30 minute consultation to make sure that this program is right for you. Commitment is required and our energies must match if we are to work so closely together for the next 8 weeks. Once you have been approved for the program, you have filled out the necessary paperwork, our work begins:

Week 1: Discovering the Triggers that Reveal What                                Needs to be Healed- 90 minutes

Week 2: Discovering Your First Point of Pain- 2 hours

Week 3: Inner Child Healing- 90 minutes

Week 4: Discovering Where Your Karmic Cycle Originated

                  From- 2 hours

Week 5:  Energy Healing Attunement - Session- 70 


Week 6: Chakra Healing Session- 60 minutes

Week 7: Deep Healing Session- 60-70 minutes

Week 8: Deep Energy Healing Session- 70 minutes

This Program Also Includes:

Option for a secondary session or phone call during the week with Nina.

Use of intuitive guidance & channelling during Energy Healing Sessions.

Use of heated crystal PHYMAT, aromatherapy, sound healing & crystal healing. 

Weekly personalized emails filled with tools & resources to help you heal outside the office. 

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