Wellness Coach

Holistic Leadership

Holistic Leadership is defined as "a partnership model in which people, regardless of formal titles, engage in a constructive process as equal partners to influence an affirming, sustainable, and humansistic outcome." 

Dossey & Keegan. (2016). Seventh Edition Holistic Nursing, A Handbook for Practice. Jones & Bartlett Learning. 

Holistic Leadership can be a stand alone service or combined with other services for optimal health & well-being. 

These services can be held in-person or remotely and are priced based on introductory sessions and weekly sessions. 


Having support when you are making important life changes can help you to achieve goals that you might feel are impossible.

Working together, you will learn how to create smart goals, learn how to create action steps, receive support & help with motivation, as well as achieve your goals that you've worked so hard to accomplish! 


Helping Hands


All sessions can be in-person or remote.

Coaching sessions include a total of 12 weekly sessions (3 months), at 45 minutes, with the Introductory sessions at 90 minutes $700 (payment options available). 

Choose to combine with other services. 

Please call for any questions or payment options. 

Meridian Tapping

Meridian Tapping utilizes acupressure points and regulation of the nervous system to heal the subtle energy trauma within our body. 

Our "triggers" are only surface level. The things that bother us have a much deeper and powerful meaning. Together, we dissect your triggers, and formulate a script made just for you to help you in your healing. 

Image by Antonika Chanel


All sessions are available in-person or online. 

First session is 90 minutes for $90

Follow up sessions are 60 minutes for $60