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Reiki Healing

Become a Certified Reiki Healer

Reiki is a Japanese technique used for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. This ancient hands-on healing art that involves gentle hand placement on or just above the body to provide healing energy to areas of the body and to bring balance. A Reiki practitioner is a person who has received attunements through a Reiki Master. This helps the practitioner to access and serve as a channel of life force energy. This process includes hands remaining in position for several minutes at a time in anywhere from 10-20 positions.  Reiki has a long history of use as it has aided in helping to heal virtually every known illness and injury. Reiki also works in harmony with all other kinds o treatment including medical and psychological care. In fact, Reiki is offered as part of regular patient care in over 800 hospitals in the United States. Reiki works to strengthen the harmonic flow of energy within the body, having a positive effect on all forms of illness and negative conditions.

What you get if you choose your Reiki Master Teacher apprenticeship with me:


- A total of 2 ICFR guides and 4 Mini-Manuals.

- A total of 4 attunements, appropriate for each 


- Level appropriate certifications (3).

- Meditations, including how to connect with your   

   Higher Self, and how to use intuitive medical 

   meditation to help your clients. 

- Lifelong help with setting up your practice &

   receiving guidance. 

- Help with client forms & getting your business 


- Everything listed under each class. 

- Available in-person or online. 

Reiki Level I Practitioner

Reiki Level I is a one-day investment of $175. This includes: 2 manuals, level appropriate attunement & certification, learn the history of Reiki, the science behind it, Reiki's ethical principals, the 3 Pillars, Byosen Scanning, hand placement & more!

If you would like a go-at-your-own-pace, version, you can also check out our classes on Udemy!


Reiki Level II Practitioner

Reiki Level II is a two-day investment of $200. This includes: Use of manual from Level 1, a new mini-manual, level appropriate attunement & certification, learn the Reiki symbols & their meaning, distant healing, Japanese techniques & more!


Reiki ART/ Master Teacher Training

Reiki ART and Master Teacher training is a five-day investment of $500. (This class is taught 3 months after Reiki Level II is completed.) This includes: Reiki ART/Master Manuals, level appropriate attunements & certification, learn psychic surgery, how to protect yourself & others, crystal work, learn the last two symbols, learn how to give attunements, practice your hand at teaching/apprenticeship, & more!


Sensual Reiki

Sensual Reiki for Intimate Partners is a one-day investment of $375 per couple. This class includes all the teachings of a Reiki Level 1 PLUS how to incorporate sensual touch in an intimate setting with your partner. This is a couples only class. 


Let's Work Together

Courses are available online and in-person. Please contact me for details and to sign up! 

What's Working With Nina Like?

"I thought I would take a Reiki class so that I could more about it. I was really surprised at the way Reiki opened me up and how I can use it on me or my son when we aren't feeling well."


I've always felt that I was destined for something greater, and knew that I had the power to heal, but I didn't know how to go about it. Nina helped me receive my Reiki Level II certification and launch my own Reiki business. 


Nina Schulze IHP, MHyp, RMT

The Wholeness Hut

8527 W. Colfax Ave. Suite 245

Lakewood, CO 80215


Office Hours


10am-1:15pm & 3pm-5pm



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