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The Wise Woman Experience


In this lifetime, my gifts have been handed down generation after generation from both my Mother and Father's sides of the family. Normal people with special skills and the knack to serve their community in a variety of ways to heal. From Herbalists to Medicine People, their skills and gifts of premonitions through dream work, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance has passed through my family for over 400 years. I can remember clearly as a child games and activities that now, as an adult, can see were far more than what they seemed. Divination  through "water witching", guessing games that strengthened clairvoyance and the such were a part of my every day life.

I have also served as a healer in past lives. Being hung and tried for murder as a "witch" when my herbalism skills failed to heal someone already on death's door. Serving as a Cunning Woman who not only healed but relayed messages from the Old Gods.

Through schooling, wisdom passed down through both family and ancestors, and my Guides I bring you The Wise Woman Experience. 

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What to Expect

Each session begins with an egg cleanse. This is used in many cultures, including Appalachia where some of my ancestors moved to after migrating to America. Through this cleanse we can see any negativity, jealousy, attachments and ill-wishes being sent your way.

I will then perform a clearing ceremony using a hand-made rattle of Water Buffalo horn (strength), rabbit fur (prosperity, luck, fertility), and many stones. The rattle is used specifically for cleansing and purification, healing by dislodging "things" loose, and used for divining information. 

*After the ceremony, we will set up for your release. I do this through Five ways: aromatherapy, stones, sound, aura clearing and energy work of either a 30 minute Reiki session or 30 minute Huna-Ki session.

At the end of your session, we will then finish up with a closing ceremony with use of herbs like Mugwort or Blue Sage and Cedarwood. And should you choose, you may also receive an Oracle reading.

*Included only in a full 1.5 hour session, not as an add on. You may choose to add on a journey to meet your power animal for an additional fee of $100. (Total session time 2.5 hours.)


Full session (90 minutes)- $150

Full session w/ journey (2.5 hrs)- $225

Add-on (includes opening & closing ceremonies)- $75

How Does This Help?

The Wise Woman Experience is a deeply spiritual service that can help you release and clear negative energy and attachments, cut cords, summon strength, release pain and suffering both physically, mentally and spiritually,  and bring forth healing on physical, mental and spiritual levels. 

This experience can also offer the opportunity to go within, meet your guides, your power animal and receive Divine Guidance and/or channeled messages. 

Together we will look at any symbolism that comes up in your life, discuss what changes may need to be made, and come up with a plan on how to continue on with your journey. 

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